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Unsustainable health insurance premiums
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The Ever Rising Health Care Premium

The Ever Rising Health Care Premium

Insanity. Insanity to think that we can provide unlimited benefits for an undefined amount of time to treat an artificially created unknown risk, at a price that everybody can afford and if they can’t afford it subsidize it, all while promising that future health care premiums will continue to decrease.

A plan so poorly thought-out that one has to question as to whether or not it was meant to fail.

The trend is clear “Obamacare” is unsustainable and the simple platitude that more people have health coverage today than ever before might be true, but when you cover millions of individuals for “free” on the back of the taxpayer, that is an achievement without merit.

It’s time to put a stake through the heart of this monstrosity, hold politicians accountable for their “pass it before they read it” legislation and put a check on the “Special Interests” that created this over-reaching attempt at more control over our individual lives.

Repeal and Replace? No! Repeal and let the market place decide. Health care premiums today would have been unthinkable seven short years ago. Say what you will about the system as it existed back then, people weren’t paying a second mortgage for health insurance. The heavy lifting needs to be done, we need to take the responsibility for a system that works. Seek out options, reward those who deliver value and support technological development.

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