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Pathway Insurance — Specialty Division

At Pathway Insurance, we realize that certain industries, consumer areas, and sectors are unique and, thus, require specific knowledge, skills, expertise, and tools. Fortunately, our team possesses a vast depth, breadth, and diversity of knowledge and experience. As a completely independent organization, we have a ability to partner with a full range of specialty insurance carriers, financial service providers, and industry experts. These resources and capabilities comprise the basis for the Pathway Insurance — Specialty Division.

Our Specialty Division works closely with industries, sectors, business, etc. that face particular challenges in addressing insurance or financial services needs. These challenges could include difficulty in finding insurance carriers, the proper combination of coverages, a full understanding of risks/liabilities, or regulatory ambiguity. The industries and groups that we assist include  unique professional associations, businesses with difficult-to-insure workforces, all segments of the cannabis industry (e.g. Growers, Cultivators, Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, and Dispensaries), to name a few.


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